Cantine’s Island Cohousing balances community with privacy.  The original 12 houses and the Common House, built in the late 1990’s, surround a green oval. There are no driveways or cars in this section of the property.

By design, folks
must walk by their neighbor’s homes when they leave or return. There is a parking lot located outside of the green.  In cohousing tradition,
this arrangement encourages interaction with neighbors.

The community built a wooden play and climbing structure on the oval, so the children can play while their parents watch them and socialize. No play dates necessary!

As time went on we bought adjacent property with two historical houses and space for 4 additional houses to be built.  Today we have 18 homes.  There are two available plots for purchase for building a home.

When someone is sick we call on our “Share the Care” committee to help out with driving to doctor appointments or providing meals or groceries.  If a family goes on a short vacation, we often care for their pets.  In short, we are a small community where people know each other and believe that we are here to help when we are needed.

We have a tradition of Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day picnics; Easter egg hunts, a Christmas and Chanukah festivity at some point in December, brunches on occasional Sundays and what we call “Community Living Days”, during which we discuss tensions that arise and ways to resolve them.